The Story

We come from the planet Orincer, which you call Kepler-186-f, and that was discovered by your NASA. It is similar to Earth for many aspects as well as being livable. We have the temporal synchronization; our years are equivalent to those of your planet earth. Unfortunately, everything regarding Creativity, Originality and Innovation has been lost with the passing of years and we have found ourselves fighting against/with the inactivity of our inhabitants, increasingly inclined to copy, be ideal and neglect their own work.

After nearly 93 years of idleness, inactivity and total lack of interest in everything that surrounded our beautiful planet, all the major industries and companies ceased to succeed resulting in a huge number of layoffs. Many have lost everything, their homes, families and their desire to move forward.

The Swan the only government that administers our Planet, was created in 2013, a project with the aim of information recovery.

An experiment conducted by a special team called Creorin.

That was how they chose the best creative individuals in the world. They trained and in 2014 we were informed of a planet called Earth. Your planet. Still rich in three primary elements: Creativity, Originality and Innovation.

The Mission

Our mission was to come to Earth, appoint terrestrial Ambassadors in order to communicate with and thus create an agency, Creorin, which can help yield the values that our planet has lost for some time.

The positive results will then be transported to our Orincer, in order to prove to people that there is still hope to start again, for example, like you Earthlings!

At the beginning of 2015 we set out for your planet, which is 500 light-years away.

Now that we are among you, you can find out more about who we are.

Although not revealing our true nature, quite similar to humans, we are close by to you, all thanks to the help of our terrestrial ambassadors who receive orders from us.

All the ideas carried out by Creorin, are for this reason Creative, Original, and Innovative.

We cannot allow for any mistakes.

Projects are periodically transmitted to our home planet until everyone can learn from your strength on how to move on, to not give up and to always create something new and useful that will help in everyone’s growth.

Our last hope for saving ourselves is Earth, which means you.

We believe in the Creativity, Originality and Innovation from all of our ambassadors and from all of you.

In return for your hospitality, we will make our Technology, which we used to reach you, openly accessible.

A gift that I hope you will appreciate.

Creorin Team

The crew of the Creorin team consists of a team of three people, the best figures chosen by our government The Swan in the field of world exploration, military organization and space navigation.


Chief of Creorin Operation on Earth
Sex Male
Earth Age 33 years old

Rise is a Space Engineer and Orincer Astronaut. It has the task of coordinating the Creorin team and making the most important decisions regarding the operations carried out on Earth.


Worlds Explorer and Botany
Sex Female
Earth Age 25 years old

Sunse is the expert explorer of worlds other than Orincer. Expert in Biology and Botany, an expert on the typical flora of several planets that allowed us to understand that the Earth was a hospitable planet.


Floating House Captain and Navigator
Sex Male
Earth Age 28 years old

Float is the captain in charge of the Floating House route. The former military pilot of the planet Orincer and General of the Governmental air division. Engine genius and co-inventor of the onboard technological system.

Who are the ambassadors

Il 31 Gennaio 2015 la Squadra Creorin arriva sul vostro pianeta Terra. Posizione ed esatto orario del nostro sbarco sono attualmente un segreto.I membri dell’equipaggio restano la maggior parte del tempo all’interno della Floating House ( il nome della nave principale ) intorno alla vostra atmosfera, esosfera per la precisione, monitorando i flussi dei dati terrestri, degli eventi e ovviamente di tutte le invenzioni creative.

Nei mesi di Febbraio, Marzo ed Aprile 2015 la squadra speciale Creorin realizzò diverse missioni sul suolo terrestre alla ricerca di persone creative, fuori dal comune, che potessero rispecchiare la loro missione cosi da diventare i portavoce della nostra civiltà, salvatori del nostro mondo e soprattutto Ambassadors della Creorin Web Agency.

Fu cosi che la scelta ricadde su due Terrestri.

The Ambassadors Goal

Il compito degli Ambassadors è quello di prestare servizio alla Squadra speciale Creorin. Ricevono le direttive direttamente dalla Floating House dove la squadra monitora tutto. Ogni qual volta la Web Agency riceve un nuovo lavoro i dettagli vengono inviati alla Base fluttuante dove i membri Creorin analizzano i dati, li rielaborano e li inviano nuovamente agli Ambassadors. Saranno loro che svolgeranno la parte più importante. Realizzare il lavoro ottenuto in modo assolutamente Creativo, Originale ed Innovativo.

Gli Ambassadors inoltre devono interfacciarsi con i terrestri per conto della Squadra Creorin. I membri dell’equipaggio scendono sul pianeta Terra molto raramente, se non per emergenze. È compito degli Ambassadors infatti parlare con le persone, aderire agli eventi, iniziative e prendere accordi con le aziende e i privati Terrestri che hanno bisogno di prodotti e servizi.

Our Technology

Travel in space!

We have several shuttles that we use to explore space, often to collect supplies useful to our people. We have been monitoring your findings for the last 20 years and you are on the right path to understanding the secrets of the journey in the universe, I hope you will soon be able to come to us to share our cultures. In the meantime, we are happy to share with you our current discoveries of space travel, I think they will suit you.

Our space shuttles travel with a reactor based on ion propulsion that allows us low fuel consumption, one of the main problems we have encountered. These rockets emit bundles of particles with an electric charge (precisely the ions) created thanks to a radio frequency generator that carries the particles at very high temperatures. A strong magnetic field allows the ions to move at a fixed frequency, this allows it to accumulate a lot of energy which is then used for the rocket’s propulsive power.

Unfortunately, this did not allow us to move much at first, we were confined to less than a billion kilometres from our planet. Fortunately and also unexpectedly, we discovered a series of space-time bridges that allow us to move from one point of space to another.

This allowed us to reach you. We are still working to make space travel even easier, safer and faster.

We have noticed your Hyperloop technology that you will soon use for terrestrial movements. Really not bad. That’s why we focus on you!

The floating house

The Floating House is our control ship.

We of the Special Creorin Team are inside the ship that remains at a height of 745 miles from the earth’s surface, inside your atmosphere, Exosphere.

We go down only in case of emergencies, we monitor everything from there. We have contacts with our Ambassadors and with land-based users thanks to the improved connections with special antennas.

You can’t see us as we use advanced technology for moving and variable refraction.

The entire Floating House is covered with a special “metamaterial” material with a variable refractive index. This index of refraction is a typical characteristic of every material, for example, your glass has a low value and therefore light can pass through it easily.

The fact that it can be changed at will, allows our ship to be invisible to everything, or decide to make it visible to UV, or infrared, or to the human eye at will.

We are on you continuously without you being aware of it, we transmit our position only to our Ambassadors through the “Quartium Time” technology with which we send the coordinates and data for the vision of the Ship. The signals are sent every Earth day end (00:00) and are valid for the whole day after. The data is sent on special devices that only the Creorin Team and the Ambassadors possess.