Brand Identity

The Company identity is very important.
The right business card, the right Logo
they can convey positive emotions in the customer.
We’re from the Space and we know it. We want
your customer perceives your brand in the best way!

Logo Design

The most important element in a company's visual communication. One of the crucial elements for a brand's success and a good marketing plan. We make it with extreme care and in the smallest details to leave an indelible memory in the minds of potential new customers.


Element necessary for correct visual communication. The icons are like the directions of a road ahead. They leave no ambiguity and guide the reader in the right direction. We make them so that they have a connection with the entire corporate brand, with a story to tell.

Color Palette

Colors in communication are very important. Each has its own meaning and guide us to make some choices, causing emotions. This is why it is very important to choose the right ones depending on what you want to communicate. We carefully choose them so that we can get into the heart and head of those who look at them and gain their attention.


Also used within the Logo Design is the correct choice of font, the type of writing you want to insert in your communication. Choosing the right one is fundamental and this element also generates emotions and different behaviors in the viewer. We choose the most suitable one within the Brand Identity and we personalize it so that it becomes unique.


Your office equipment, business card, letterhead, correspondence and everything related to your image applied to the physical material must be important. Let's imagine receiving a business card or a gadget personalized with your brand logo. We carry out the graphic customization of your corporate kit to amaze and impress.


The image you show your customers when you sell your product through sight and touch. Custom-made packaging manages to strike at first sight and also involves the sense of touch. We carry out a customization of the packaging in a creative way to conquer and interact with the customer, involving them in every sense.

Our Creative Process



We will organize a chat with you, preferably having a nice coffee or a good breakfast! If the distance does not allow it, we will make sure that you feel here with us at the HQ.

In this way we will know what you need and what your needs are. We will record all the information, suggesting the best.


How your competitors are moving? This is the time to understand more about them. The team will do the necessary research to understand more about your Brand target.


All information obtained during our meeting will be analyzed during a Brainstorming with the Team in our Earth HQ. The technology to be used will be decided, the methods to be able to give the best results and the timing of the project.


Once all the points of the project have been analyzed and the timing of the realization has been established, we will proceed to send you a detailed quote. You can decide whether to accept it and then start the real creative process that will lead you to success!


The team will now step onto its spaceship in search of inspiration, all the most beautiful and creative ideas will be noted to give life to a breathtaking project!


The product will be presented to you in all its awesomeness and will be shown to you in detail. You will surely be impressed by what our alien agency has managed to do and we are sure we will meet again, maybe for lunch! 🙂

Next Steps

Our Works

Take a look at our space brand identity works. An honor to work with you!


Web Design

Do you need an eye-catching website? We also offer this service!



Contact us and tell us about your project. We want to be part of the Mission!