Packaging Design
Dress the Black Edition


Make a new Packaging Design for the Special Edition of the famous Liquorice. We participated in the Dress the Black Contest organized by Amarelli for its restyling by telling a story through the 4 boxes that make up the main box.

Alien Comment

The best terrestrial root ever tested. We seriously intend to plant some in the Floating House greenhouse!


Amarelli is one of the most famous liquorice companies in the world. Their products are exported to every part of the globe.

The Factory

Representation of front
side of the Amarelli Factory.

Production Symbol of
Liquorice since 1731.


Representation of the front
side of the “Giorgio Amarelli”
Liquorice Museum.

Symbol of the history of a company
and a family.

S. Marco

Representation of the front side of San Marco’s Church.

Symbol of the city of Rossano
and its Artistic History.


Landscape representation
of Rossano Town.

Life background of the people
who live there and during the
night they take the magic away.